Pokemon Apps Coming To 3DS eShop

Nintendo has confirmed a North American release of their two downloadable Pokemon titles coming to 3DS. Pokemon Dream Radar is an Augmented Reality shooting game that utilizes the system’s gyroscope and 3D camera with which to discover and capture Pokemon in the real world. Those that you capture can then be transferred to Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 for Nintendo DS, which will be releasing this fall. The second title is a massive update to the Pokedex 3D application, released as a free download last June. This new application is titled Pokedex 3D Pro and will include detailed information and beautiful 3D-models of all 649 Pokemon from every generation. All of them will be unlocked from the start. The app also allows for in-depth comparison, ranking, and sorting tools. There will be extensive AR capabilities to take advantage of including being able to take pictures of Pokemon interacting in the real world. Both of these titles will release in the fall exclusively for Nintendo 3DS!

Evan Pearson // Super PolyPixel